200 Memory Patients Join Revolutionary South Florida Clinical Trial… And The Results Are In:

“1-Hour Technology”
Restores Decades of
Brain Power

And enhances your brain’s ability to repair itself, no matter your medical history…

  • Two-year-old Eden drowned for 15 minutes and suffered from “irreversible” brain damage. But after using this “1-hour technology,” her brain was totally repaired, and several years later she’s a happy, healthy, normal kid!
  • One year after a stroke, 61-year-old Katy S. could not bathe, dress or climb stairs without help. But thanks to this technology, “she is able to not only bathe and dress on her own, but also able to shop and cook independently.”
  • Keith, age 50, nearly died from early onset Alzheimer’s. He could barely walk, talk or stand up… but now, thanks to this technology, he says “I’m 57 but feel like I’m in my 20s again. My mind is sharp and memory is completely restored. I feel GREAT.”


Discover the no-drug, no-side-effect technology that researchers call…
“The first therapy to significantly improve
cognitive health.”

— Dr. Paul Harch, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

(PALM BEACH, FL) 12 months ago, I led a renegade group of South Florida doctors on a radical study, with one goal:

To defeat and conquer all age-related memory loss and brain aging for good.

Most said it was impossible.

But 200 memory patients from around the world ignored the naysayers and enlisted anyways.

They didn’t use drugs or surgeries.

They didn’t change their lifestyle.

Instead, they used a stunning “1-hour technology.”

One that doesn’t require a prescription.

And has no dangerous side effects.

Now, I’m excited to report…

We’ve done it.

From “typical” senior moments and brain fog…

To full-blown brain damage, stroke and even multiple sclerosis…

We defeated every single symptom of brain aging.

Don’t take my word for it…

Linda, age 58, was diagnosed with age-related memory loss. For eight months, it rapidly progressed.

She refused all drug options…

But after using this “1-hour technology,” her brain dramatically changed. Look at the PET scans…

Before and After 1-Hour Technology

It’s like her brain came back “online”! And she felt it, too.

She felt massive improvements in energy and mood.

She could solve crossword puzzles, draw a correct clock face and go about her daily living without help.

And most importantly…

Her brain metabolism improved by 38%.

This is the key part of the brain’s function.

It’s the gas that fuels the brain’s engine.

It allows the brain to dissolve deadly plaques, clean out dead neurons and revive new ones.

And without it…

Your brain virtually stops working.

But now, using this “1-hour technology,” Linda’s brain had restored its God-given ability to repair itself.

Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Paul Harch saw these results and calls it:

“The first therapy to not only halt, but significantly improve cognitive health.”


You can even watch footage of this happening in real time…

But it’s not just age-related memory decline…

Quadriplegic Feeds Himself for First Time!

A 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy couldn’t use his arms or legs. He couldn’t speak more than two or three words at a time. In fact, he never had a full conversation.

But then after using this “1-hour technology,” he began initiating conversations, using his hands and feeding himself for the first time!

The remarkable transformation was fully documented with brain scans. Just look at the before and after MRI results, showing fully restored brain activity in regions that were previously completely “offline.”

War Vet Defeats Brain Damage!

In 2006, a bomb blast in Afghanistan left soldier Ben P. with devastating injuries.

Nine years later, he had tried everything but his recovery was still minimal.

He was confined to a wheelchair, unable to clearly speak, and he still relied on aid for even small tasks like eating and even sneezing!

But when he began using this “1-hour technology,” everything changed dramatically.

For the first time since his injury, Ben regained feeling in his legs — almost instantly. He recovered much of his speech. He could eat on his own and even do high-intensity exercise.

Even his doctors referred to the instant recovery as “miraculous.”

But it goes beyond these few samples.

In our study, 200 patients from around the world enrolled.

Using an overlooked “age test,” we measured the baseline age of the study group.

The patients averaged age 58…

And all suffered from the ravages of brain aging.

Some had full-blown age-related memory loss, stroke and even brain damage.

Others had simple senior moments.

But ALL experienced a dramatic recovery.

Once they used this “1-hour technology,” the test shows they became clinically 41 years old!

In other words, they aged backwards.

By 17 years.

And the first-time-seen-in-public chart from my clinic proves it…

Two decades of Brain Power restored!

Imagine decades of youthful memory restored… instantly.

One of my patients, Keith, reports…

“I almost passed away in 2013. I had a multitude of health issues – including two strokes with symptoms of age-related memory loss. I was 50, but felt 80. I could barely walk, talk or even stand. My memory was all but wiped out. Now, after completing the protocol, I’m 57 but feel like I’m in my 20s again. My mind is sharp and memory is completely restored. I feel GREAT.”

Billy K., an elderly Colorado man, suffered from age-related memory loss so bad he hadn’t spoken a word in nine months.

Within just days of using this “1-hour technology,” he was a completely different person.

Or back to his old self, I should say.

He not only started talking again, but he’s also back jogging, shoveling snow and making jokes with the grandkids.

They have their grandpa back!

His wife Rachael called it a “miracle.”

And it’s not just Keith or Billy…

Thousands of everyday Americans are now experiencing miraculous recoveries from age-related memory loss and stroke…

All in a matter of days.

All thanks to a groundbreaking technology that the New Scientist says “targets the underlying CAUSE of memory loss.”1

And just to be clear, it involves…

NO drugs or surgeries

NO dangerous side effects

NO Big Pharma

NO prescriptions, doctor visits or hospitals

No Wonder Why Doctors Are Calling It

“The Best-Kept Medical Secret in Our Country”

It can be used from the comfort of your home.

And it’s 100% natural!

All while delivering results that have never been seen by the medical establishment.

So I can say this with certainty…

If you or a loved one is battling with memory loss, this technology could radically change your life.

Regardless of…

How long you’ve been suffering…

What stage it’s developed to…

Your age or family history…

Or if you’ve tried every drug or supplement under the sun!

In a moment, you’ll see exactly what this technology is, and how it works.

While once obscure, even the biggest medical institutions are now touting its brain-boosting powers. Including…

  • An Ivy League Medical School
  • Northeastern University’s Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis
  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital

So with all of the science behind it, why has the FDA banned this for the past 70 years?

I’ll share more on that story in a minute.

But first…

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Hi, my name is Dr. Al Sears.

I’ve spent the last three decades working on cutting-edge therapies…

The kind that were once written off by modern medicine, but are now being used everywhere.

It took serious legwork to make this happen.

While medical establishment professionals never leave their desks…

I’ve traveled more than 60,000 miles, to 30 countries on six continents, all to search for real health-promoting tools.

In places most doctors would never think to look, or have even heard of…

I’ve uncovered unknown alternative therapies that keep people free from debilitating health challenges.

And I’ve used these breakthroughs to help my own patients see the same life-changing results.

But nothing I’ve seen in my three decades of health prepared me for what I would uncover next:


A First-Ever, At-Home, Drug-Free Technology
That Supports Improving Brain Health – Without Side Effects.

It does this by targeting the ROOT CAUSE of brain aging.

The hidden cause most medical experts have no idea about, but more than 6,100 studies now confirm.

Not only that…

This therapy creates brand-new brain cells, while erasing all traces of aging in the brain.2

That way your brain is not only free of years of damage and toxins…

But made “as good as new” again.

Meaning you can have the same young brain you once had with full clarity, sharpness, and memory recall.

Just like it’s already doing for countless everyday Americans.

For example…

2-Year-Old Girl
Recovers From Brain Damage!

At the age of 2, Eden C. fell into the family swimming pool and drowned.

She stayed underwater for 15 minutes before being discovered.

And she wasn’t successfully resuscitated for another two hours.3

Even though she survived, Eden suffered severe brain injury, including grey and white matter loss.

She could no longer speak, walk, or respond to voices.

The doctors said nothing could be done for her.

Then in stepped a team from the LSU School of Medicine and the University of North Dakota.

Using the Same “Brain Power” Technology That Helped Teller and Reagan, They Repaired Eden’s Brain Damage…
All in a Matter of Weeks!

First she recovered her alertness and ability to move her arms and legs.

After a few treatments, Eden was back to “near normal.”

And when treatments ended, she regained her walking and her speech pattern had actually IMPROVED!

Almost like it had never happened at all.

She showed gains on all neurological tests and normal cognitive function.

Within six months after Eden drowned, her scans showed a complete reversal of all grey and white matter loss!

Two years later, Eden is as healthy and happy as every other child in her preschool class.

The results stunned everyone close to the story.

The team of scientists monitoring Eden’s recovery said that this was…

“Unreported With Any Other Therapy”

But even though the story of Eden’s recovery was all over the media…

And verified by a team of doctors at one of America’s top medical institutions…

This “Brain Power” technology remains suppressed by Big Pharma.

In fact, the news OUTRAGED some arrogant scientists with ties to the drug industry.

They said nothing could possibly achieve these results. Not without drugs or surgeries!

They published opinion pieces against the study.

They even demanded a retraction from media outlets.

In short, they tried to ERASE the news of this brain-restoring “miracle.”

The Story Big Pharma Tried to Suppress

But here’s the thing…

New research confirms that patients are experiencing life-changing results with this “Brain Power” technology.

Sometimes years, or even decades after strokes.

The medical establishment says this is “impossible.” But it’s happening…

Written off as “irrecoverable,” my patients are enjoying more alertness, focus, stronger memories, wit, and quicker response.

They’re even seeing brain damage repaired – and it’s verified by medicine’s top MRI technology.

For example, in a study conducted by Israeli researchers…4

Post-stroke patients, age 60 and older, were treated with this “Brain Power” technology.

Some had experienced severe brain damage as much as 20 years earlier!

Which means, according to the “scientific experts,” the damage is “permanent.”

So what happened next was astonishing:

Brain Damage REPAIRED 20 YEARS Later…

With two months of therapy, brain scans showed significant improvement in everyone!

One woman in the study, age 62, was in assisted living. She needed help to bathe, dress, walk, climb stairs, and even eat.

But after therapy, the changes were remarkable.

She regained speech and reading capabilities. She was able to walk, climb stairs and eat by herself.

She was no longer dependent in bathing and dressing.

And brain scans showed that previously damaged areas were functioning like normal.

Take a look:

There’s also the remarkable story of NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath.

Thanks to this therapy…

Legendary Quarterback Joe Namath Is 77
And Thinking Clearer Than Ever Before!

Like many other long-term players, he suffered from countless concussions that punished his brain.

At age 71, he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. His scans show serious brain damage on the left lobe. His brain cells were dark and not getting blood flow.

That’s when Namath began using this “Brain Power” technology.

Within the first 40 days, his scans showed the cells were getting lighter. His brain activity was returning.

“The whole area of his brain just came back to life,” reports his physician.

After six months of therapy, his scan showed completely healthy cells. His brain had been rejuvenated!

He now thinks more clearly, sharper, and he feels and looks healthier than ever!

So what is the technology behind the recoveries of Joe Namath, Edward Teller, Ronald Reagan…

As well as so many everyday Americans? Why is this being touted by the world’s leading medical schools as a miracle? One that restores your brain’s ability to think, process, and recall. Let me explain: It all starts with…

The Hidden Cause of Memory Loss
That the Medical Establishment Ignores

I’m talking about a critical element.

One that our brains and bodies can’t do without.

One that is essential to all life on earth.

Of Course, I Mean Oxygen.

Now, that may sound unusual.

But think about the brain for a second.

Although it’s only 2% of our body mass…

Our brain uses 20% of our oxygen supply.

That’s because it uses more energy than any other organ.

Neurons are constantly firing, carrying messages, and executing orders.

To do it all requires a significant energy load.

Which means a constant source of nutrition in the form of glucose.

That’s where oxygen comes in.

Without it, our brain cannot convert glucose into energy… and shuts down.

In other words, if glucose is our brain’s fuel, oxygen is the engine that keeps the motor running.

In Fact, No Other Organ in Our Body Is More Dependent on Oxygen For Its Strength And Survival!

We may not normally think of it this way…

But oxygen is an essential healing agent.

As we go about our day, the oxygen we breathe repairs and regenerates our tissue.

Especially our brain tissue.

If totally deprived of oxygen, for even a short time, your brain cells are the first to die.

The brain is asphyxiated!

On the other hand…

Large boosts of oxygen, harnessed in a specific way, are shown to repair the damage…

All without side effects!

This is the secret key to improving memory for good.

An Explosive Body Of Research Confirms:
The Lack of Oxygen Is the REAL Cause Of Memory Loss

You see, as we age our body loses the capacity to intake as much oxygen and carry it to our brain.

What’s more, as you’ll see in a moment, our earth’s atmosphere has rapidly lost its oxygen content…

Resulting in the major age-related memory loss crisis now underway.

With less and less oxygen over time…

Our neurons are slowly starved of the fuel they need.

Our brain’s metabolism begins to slow down, losing its capacity to coordinate activities.

The result?

Our memory weakens.

Our wit and sharpness goes out the window.

Our ability to process and comprehend things is lost.

In Short, the Brain Becomes “Aged.”

According to a study by the University of British Colombia, lack of oxygen is what increases age-related memory loss.

It accelerates the activation of a special gene called BACE1, which triggers the creation of amyloid plaque.

This plaque buildup is now known as the biggest hallmark of age-related memory loss.

And it all starts with oxygen deprivation!5

While the link between age-related memory loss and amyloid plaque has been known for years…

Scientists Are Just Now Uncovering the Other Part Of Memory Loss: Inflammation.

Oxygen is also key here.

See This Video?

It shows how lack of oxygen triggers runaway inflammation in our brain.

It triggers our brain’s immune cells – known as microglia – to attack the neurons.6

Normally these cells patrol the brain, looking for signs of damage or infection, clearing out damage.

Think of them as the garbage cleanup crew for your brain.

But without oxygen, these microglia become overactive, and even destructive.

They release cytotoxins that trigger inflammation in the brain.

The toxins destroy synapses that connect nerve cells, weakening the brain’s ability to coordinate activity.

The result is more and more damaged neurons that lead to age-related memory loss.

But Here’s the Good News:
There’s A Powerful “Trick” to Boost Your Body’s Oxygen Intake
By 1,000%…

A way to improve memory and brain processing speed.

All without a prescription or doctor’s visit.

It does this by doing what scientists say is impossible:

Regenerating NEW neurons, brain tissue, and blood vessels.

In Other Words, It Makes Our Brain
As “Good As New.”

And that’s just the beginning…

I’ve spent years researching, studying, and implementing this “Brain Power” technology at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

I’ve overseen case studies, worked with research labs and top university teams.

All to bring my patients the inside scoop on what I really believe is the most powerful brain healer available.

And now I’ve compiled all of my discoveries on this oxygen powerhouse in my brand-new dossier:

The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain “Miracle” Is Now More Powerful

With your permission, I’ll send this groundbreaking research to your inbox, 100% free of charge.

It’s That Simple.

With these findings…

Oxygen was on its way to becoming a go-to protocol for nearly every health challenge.

But things turned out very differently.

You see, something else was happening…

Something that would send oxygen and every natural healing agent underground for years.

Something that would leave us stuck with disease and no tools to fight it.

Nobel Prize Technology:
Banned for Big Pharma Profits

Before the 1930s, mom-and-pop drugstores fulfilled all prescriptions, including natural remedies.

But then, a new dangerous form of medicine emerged.

I’m talking about mass consumed prescription drugs.

Ones that were chemically designed by scientists.

A handful of conglomerates patented this “medicine.”

They began growing in power and profits, and then established a monopoly over medicine.

They didn’t do it alone, either.

In 1933, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that these drugs are the only solution.

And declared an all-out war on all competition, including centuries-old natural remedies.

The first target was oxygen.

In the 1940s, the FDA declared oxygen had no medical use… seizing thousands of ozone generators.

As competition with drugs disappeared, the “drug industry” was born.

Today We Know It As Big Pharma.

Seventy years later, oxygen is still banned by the FDA.

Instead, deadly and expensive drugs are prescribed for debilitating diseases.

And the rates of disease are worse than ever.

Some doctors have tried to defy the ban though.

Notably, Dr. Robert Atkins –
Famous Author of the “Atkins Diet” –
Began With Oxygen Therapy.

He reported cases of patients recovering from health challenges.

In response, he was arrested by FDA goons and had his medical license revoked.

All for fulfilling his Hippocratic Oath!

Fortunately, there was a giant public uproar and he won his license back.

Not only that…

The whole incident pressured New York to pass laws permitting alternatives to FDA-approved drugs.

Since then, 14 states have legalized the medical use of oxygen.

But here’s the thing…

You do NOT have to wait for the government or anybody else.

Oxygen is already inside you!

You can experience its healing ability today — without a prescription or doctor’s visit.

The first step?

Discover the at-home oxygen “trick” that boosts your oxygen levels by 1,000%. It’s all inside my new dossier:

But before I go any further, let me tell you a little about this oxygen technology. And how it works.

At-Home Oxygen “Trick” Boosts Your Brain Cells
By 1,000%

The medical establishment tells you that the brain can’t repair itself.

That it’s impossible.

They say when your neurons die, they die.

When your tissue is lost, it’s gone forever.

When the brain is damaged, it won’t change.

But None of It Is True!

In fact, new advanced brain imaging shows that after an injury, brain cells don’t really “die.”

Instead, they’ll simply go to “sleep,” or lie dormant.

Something is needed to activate the cells and restore brain function.

And that’s where this oxygen “trick” comes in.

It regenerates new nerve calls…

A Process Known As “Neurogenesis.”

And that’s just for starters…

In one study conducted on patients with brain damage, this oxygen “trick” was found to work miracles. It repaired years of damaged brain tissue by:7

1. Bringing “dead” neurons back to life.

2. Creating new blood vessels to restore blood flow – what’s called “angiogenesis.

3. And triggering a brain repair “mechanism” that generates new tissue.

It goes further though…

Improves Memory Function!

In a new study in the journal, Neurobiology of Aging, this oxygen booster was shown to improve memory.

In Just Two Weeks, Researchers Found It…8

> Washed away 40% of amyloid plaque

> Cut 40% of brain inflammation

> And eliminated tau tangle proteins

All hallmarks of age-related memory decline!

The lead author of the study rejoiced, “it holds great potential for improvement in brain function.”

But that’s not where it stops.

While erasing the hallmarks of age-related memory decline is one thing…

How does this oxygen
“trick” create NEW brain cells – ones that repair the damage done by brain aging?

The answer lies in stem cells.

The Most Powerful Stem Cell Booster Known to Man

Specifically neural stem cells – the ones in our brain.

Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are our body’s repair mechanism.

They replace any kind of dead or damaged cells with new ones.

At least when we’re young.

The problem is, as we get older, these cells stop their activity.

The number of stem cells in circulation begin to diminish.

And aging, dead, or damaged cells go unreplaced.

This is the process of aging.

To stop it is needed to trigger the spread and growth of stem cells in the brain.

And That’s What This Oxygen “Trick” Does.

Now, can you see why this oxygen breakthrough is being called a miracle”?

Why everyone from the rich and famous, to everyday Americans, are now beginning to use it?

All with results not seen by any other treatment available?

Here’s a stunning example:

War Veteran With Brain Damage Experiences
Miraculous Recovery Overnight!

In 2006, a bomb blast in Afghanistan left soldier Ben P. with devastating injuries.

The blast broke his back in three places and punctured his lungs.

Every single rib was broken, his spleen was ruptured and his cheek, nose and jaw were smashed.

He Suffered From a Total of 40 Separate Injuries!

Ben, then 22, was left in a coma for four months during which surgeons removed both his legs above the knees.

He also lost his speech and had debilitating brain injuries.

Nine years later, he had tried everything but his recovery was still minimal.

He was confined to a wheelchair…

Unable to clearly speak…

And still relied on aid for even small tasks like eating, or even sneezing!

That’s when his family was referred to this powerful oxygen technology…

And Everything Changed Dramatically.

For the first time in EIGHT years, Ben had feelings in his legs almost instantly.

After one month of treatment, he regained complete feeling in his limbs and recovered much of his speech.

The nerves in his muscles began working again!

As a result…

He was able to do two-mile walks every day in crutches.

He was able to eat on his own again.

He could do over 200 sit-ups per day and “feels stronger than ever.”

Months later, he kayaked down Canada’s treacherous Yukon River for 250 miles!

Even his doctors referred to the instant recovery as “miraculous.”

But it’s not a “miracle.” Examples like these go on and on.

Everywhere, everyday Americans are seeing astonishing recoveries from all sorts of neurological challenges…

Stroke, brain damage, age-related memory loss, you name it.

All thanks to this oxygen technology!

That’s because it’s slowing down the No.1 cause of brain aging.

The lack of oxygen.

Oxygen Deficiency Is Starving Your Brain!

There is just not enough oxygen in your cells to function normally, stay healthy, and fight off dangerous toxins and microorganisms.

This is because most infectious agents simply cannot live in oxygen-rich environments.

And today’s modern environment is dangerously depleted of oxygen.

Researchers conclude that the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third, and in polluted cities by more than 50%.

And that’s just for starters.

Research shows oxygen levels continue to plummet sharply, especially in larger, industrialized cities.

There Are Three Primary Reasons for the Problem:

1. Carbon emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels

2. Global pollution

3. The rampant destruction of trees and rain-forests

Our civilization’s combined technologies consume nearly 20 times the amount of oxygen that would normally be consumed by the earth’s present population.

Combustion of carbons and hydrocarbon fuels creates carbon dioxide, which binds up huge amounts of free oxygen.

According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere are now surpassing 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, (see the graph below).

As You Can See In This Graph, Co2 Is At An All-time High.

And we’re not just talking about the last hundred years.

New evidence from ice core samples, published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show CO2levels are far higher than anything our planet has experienced in over 650,000 years!

And remember: CO2 binds to hemoglobin in your red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is the “carrier” that delivers oxygen to your cells. But CO2shuts down those carriers, making it impossible for oxygen to get to your cells. (That’s why your garage door probably has a warning sign on it, reminding you that breathing CO2from exhaust fumes can kill you. It shuts down oxygen delivery.)

And as the world gets contaminated, the fluids surrounding our cells and organs also get polluted, which interferes with the way our red blood cells carry oxygen to our cells.

This interference along with the lack of key nutrients in our Standard American Diet dramatically reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to your cells.

It’s no wonder the world and especially the U.S. is facing growing rates of disease epidemics.

Just look at the shocking rise in death rates from age-related memory loss since 1900. (See graph below.)

The rise in age-related memory loss rates looks almost identical to the graph of rising CO2 in our air.

Is it any surprise?

As Oxygen Drops, Memory Loss Rises.

In order to stop this threat, you need additional sources of oxygen.

And you need to help your body get more oxygen into your cells.

That’s where my 1,000% oxygen booster comes in. To get started today, just claim your copy of:

The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain “Miracle” Is Now More Powerful

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to get this cutting-edge research, absolutely risk free.

Before I do, I’d like to share with you another treatment in the 30-Day Protocol.

Oxygen Is Just One of the Secret “Brain Power” Technologies and Tricks I Use for My Patients…

While oxygen therapy works for most patients, to repair mental decline…

This one – in combination with oxygen – has the ability give a second chance to truly “hopeless” cases.

Stem Cell Breakthrough Generates New Brain Cells

Don’t worry… I’m not talking about “embryonic” stem cells that caused so much controversy years back.

This has nothing to do with those.

These are called “pluripotent” stem cells.

These stem cells originate in your own body.

In fact, an Ivy League university reports it is possible to generate stem cells from the skin of a patient and then direct these cells to become different types of brain cells.10

It’s truly a breakthrough in the research of brain health. Because it proves you can take healthy cells that are living in your body right now… and simply… reprogram them to act like other cells.11

In it, mice were split into two groups: the normal control and the test group.

The test mice were given a treatment to stimulate stem cell production in their hippocampus.

That’s the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory and identifying objects in your environment.

The study’s lead author said, “Neurogenesis – the generation of new neurons from stem cells,” in this area of the brain, “is critical for keeping similar memories separate.”

In other words, a healthy hippocampus lets you tell the difference between a pencil or a pen… or… your loved ones from a stranger.

So, what happened?

Two Times MORE Brain Cells!

The treated mice had a two-fold increase of neurons in the hippocampus.

And the results couldn’t have been more clear…

The researchers reported treated mice had “more precise and stronger memories.” “Improved pattern separation.” And better “memory precision.”

Right now, stem cell therapies are not cheap.

For example, a single stem cell therapy at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine starts at $10,000.

It’s the very best stem cell therapy currently available.

However, I’ve discovered how to naturally replenish your body’s stem cell count…

Using a safe “6-ingredient cocktail” that reactivates your body’s hidden ability to generate new stem cells.

In one placebo-controlled study, elderly patients taking this cocktail saw an immediate boost in stem cell count — in just one day!

One week later, their stem cell levels doubled over the control group.

The researchers believed the protocol actually repaired their body’s ability to produce new stem cells.12

Along With My Dossier,
“The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain Miracle Is Now More Powerful”…

You’ll get the full details of this “6-ingredient cocktail”… the nutrients inside… and how to make it in my Brain Power Protocol.

Up until this point, I’ve only shared this cutting-edge research with patients who visit the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

And then, it can be quite expensive …

The “Rolls-Royce” option for treatment lasts 90 days… involves multiple office visits… ongoing bloodwork… with fees STARTING at $10,000.

And that doesn’t include hotels and air-fare.

It’s intensive.

It’s exclusive.

And very effective (as you’ve seen in this letter).

But considering the fact that ZERO new therapies for age-related memory loss have won federal approval since 2003.

And only five (5!) drugs have EVER been approved by the FDA for age-related memory loss… and those merely alleviate symptoms. They don’t prevent, slow or repair the disease.

And there is NOTHING in the pipeline that shows even the remotest of promise to help people with age-related memory decline….

And the additional fact that — according to a non-profit organization — the average person with age-related memory loss will spend $45,000 a year for BASIC care (or place that financial burden on their family).13

It’s not a stretch to say that $10,000 would be the bargain of a lifetime. After all, we’re talking about your brain here…

But not everyone can afford it.

And as a doctor whose mission it is to help as many people as possible, that kept me up at night.

Which Is Why I Created
Fighting Alzheimer’s 30-Day Protocol.

Now, instead of spending thousands of dollars at my clinic, you can now access the secrets in my protocol for just $79. This will increase to $499 when I release this to the general public.

You are getting an early bird discount because you are a reader of Doctor’s House Call.

But even the fee is a moot point…

Because you are covered by my personal money-back guarantee — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

My Personal, Unconditional 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

I take my responsibility as a doctor very seriously. And I want you to know I stand behind everything I do.

So you must be completely satisfied with the discoveries and breakthroughs you find in Fighting Alzheimer’s 30-Day Protocol.

If you decide it’s not for you, simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt refund.

You don’t even have to return any material I send you.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS


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