30-Day Alzheimer’s Protocol Worksheet: Pulling it all Together

Welcome to the final lesson of your 30-Day Alzheimer’s Protocol course. This is a worksheet that pulls together the following steps of this course to make it work for you.

  • Step 1: Knowing Your Brain-Health Baseline
  • Step 2: Supercharge Your Nutrition
  • Step 3: Super Nutrients That Reverse Memory Loss
  • Step 4: Challenging Your Metabolism to Revive Your Brain
  • Step 5: 10 Ways to Train Your Brain, Recharge With Mindfulness

Step 1: Knowing Your Brain-Health Baseline

The very first step involves establishing your brain-health risk factors, including nutritional deficiencies you may have and toxic exposures.

This test scores provide a detailed picture for you and a roadmap for how to apply the basic principles of this Alzheimer’s protocol. It’s important it is to take this test before moving on to the other aspects of the protocol, which are built upon it.

Optional blood work: When I work with my patients, I recommend blood work to reveal levels of toxins, inflammatory markers, and vitamin levels. But, for this course, you can decide if you want to do that blood work on your own and adjust the components of this protocol to your specific needs.