Help Me Tell the FDA We Don’t Want GMO Salmon!

Help Me Tell the FDA We Don’t Want GMO Salmon!

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It started with genetically modified crops.

Over the course of just a few decades, these GMO “Franken-Foods” invaded the entire country and pushed private farming to near extinction.

Today, GMOs are in hundreds of foods you eat everyday.

Companies like Monsanto STILL won’t admit these “science experiments” they call food are dangerous to everyone who eats them.

In spite of the denials, there are hundreds of independent studies showing increased risks of chronic disease from GMO foods.

Now they’re doing it to fish.

For the first time in human history, we’re about to move beyond the plant world and consume living organisms like salmon that have been genetically altered in a giant corporate laboratory.

This is an experiment on your health you NEVER consented to.

And we have NO WAY of knowing how this will change you, or your family once you start eating them.

We don’t even have any assurance these “monster fish” will be clearly labeled as GMO.

This is a HUGE turning point in history. We need to speak up and let the FDA know this is unacceptable. We do NOT want these Franken-Fish in our grocery stores or on our dinner plates!

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To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS