Simply Beautiful 100-Percent-Natural Formula



100-Percent-Natural Formula Incorporates Powerful Beautifying Nutrients and Other Natural Ingredients, Supporting Youthful, Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla., September 14, 2012 – Renowned skincare and anti-aging expert Dr. Al Sears, MD, has gathered the top beauty aids from around the world and is making them available to you with Pure Radiance’s new hair, skin and nail beauty vitamin, Simply Beautiful.

Dr. Sears travels the world in search of natural healing herbs and nutrients from the most untouched, pristine places on the planet. During his trips, he’s collected some of the most potent, natural beauty aids from these lands and he combined them into Simply Beautiful for his private label Pure Radiance, enabling every woman to enjoy the benefits of his natural formula.

His new formula contains:

  • Acerola Cherry– One of the most powerful sources of vitamin C on the planet, the acerola cherry protects skin from free radical damage to help keep it smooth and even-toned and helps create collagen – the telltale marker of youth.
  • Bamboo-Bamboo is possibly one of the most overlooked natural beauty aids in the world. It contains silica which helps absorb vital hair- and skin-healthy nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium, it also helps improve your overall health.
  • Hibiscus -Also known as rosemallow and Jamaican Sorrel, hibiscus works to help improve the overall health of the scalp and can leave hair shiny and lustrous and help prevent premature graying.

Along with other nutrients, these powerful ingredients to help bring every woman’s inner beauty to the surface for:

  • Beautiful complexions
  • Shiny, youthful hair
  • Long, lush lashes
  • And strong, healthy nails

“It’s a completely different approach. Timeless beauty isn’t about what you put on your body … It’s about what you put IN it. And I believe Simply Beautiful is the most effective way to get the nutrients you need to achieve it.” – Dr. Al Sears, MD.

For more information about Simply Beautiful and to order this unique hair, nail and skin vitamin that contains some of the most potent beauty aids on the globe, visit or call 888.795.4005.

About Pure Radiance, Inc.

Pure Radiance products are a natural blend of the world’s most powerful nutrients. These formulas nourish and repair skin, allowing it to renew and rejuvenate itself. Dr. Al Sears, MD, and his team of experts provide ways to naturally improve skin to keep it glowing, radiant and youthful. In addition to highest quality skincare products, Pure Radiance offers skin-nourishing nutrition, anti-aging exercise tips and professional expertise for naturally achieving vibrant-looking skin and hair. For more information about Pure Radiance, visit or toll free at 888.795.4005.

About Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

Dr. Al Sears is one of the nation’s first board-certified, anti-aging physicians. He’s also a board-certified clinical nutritionist, strength coach, ACE-certified fitness trainer and author. He enjoys a worldwide readership and has appeared on more than 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN.
He’s one of today’s leading voices in anti-aging and alternative medicine. Dr. Sears has seen more than 20,000 patients at his thriving private practice, located in Royal Palm Beach, Fla. He earned his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa, Fla., where he graduated with honors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Physical Medicine.

Dr. Sears also is a successful author and e-publishing professional, having written 14 books, dozens of reports on health and wellness and hundreds of articles on alternative medicine and anti-aging through his Confidential Cures and Doctor’s House Call e-newsletters.
For more information about Dr. Sears, visit or contact Caryn Stumpfl at 561.784.7852.

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